We raise Siberian Husky and Maltese puppies.

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ABOUT US: We are a small hobby breeders specializing in Siberian Huskies & Maltese. We strive to produce quality and healthy, family companions. All of our dogs are part of our family and we treat them as such. They receive the best care and loving attention at all times. We love our animals. We DO NOT sell puppies to Puppy Mills, or Pet Stores under any circumstances. We only sell puppies to Loving Homes as lifetime companions. We are loving, and dedicated breeders. All of our Dogs are very playful, sociable, loving, easy-going, and they love people! We are sure we will have your perfect puppy. All of our dogs are on top quality medicine All year- long. 

URSERY/DELIVERY ROOM: Our puppies are born inside our Home and I am never far from my babies. I am a dog lover first and a breeder second. I take extra care of my mothers as well as keeping around the clock watch on my nursery. We are personally involved with each Puppy. They become part of our family from the first day they are born. Each & every one of ours puppies are nurtured with love and care. Much time and consideration is given to each and every breeding in order to ensure a healthy puppy. Just as with my adult dogs. Our main goal is to produce a healthy loving addition & to add a little ray of sunshine to your family and make life a little less lonely. Each puppy has a unique personality and special characteristics. Please be sure to research the breed that you are interested in before purchasing.

Puppies like people come in all sizes and colors and change as they grow. Pups come in a variety of colors, including gray/white, black/white, red/whites and rare colors like pie-balds, solid white and silver. Eye color cannot be determined until four weeks of age, and although many of our puppies have blue eyes, some may be brown eyed, parti-eye or bi-eye. Siberian Huskies come in a variety of colors and patterns of their masks and eyes that make each one unique. Eye color is not and cannot be guaranteed.

No puppy is ever sold without having at least 1st sets of shots and being de-wormed. All puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they will leave our home. Some, however, may need to stay longer depending upon size, depending upon their weaning process and their ability to eat solid food (maltese only). All puppies are fully weaned, well socialized and raised with people, and other pets. Socialization and exposure to household sounds are very important for a young pup, as it gives them a proper start to becoming a wonderful companion.

HEALTH GUARANTEE: We do give a written health guarentee, We also give a written twelve (12) months guarantee against genetic defects. This is all with a replacement guarantee only. All veteranarian expenses are up to the new owner. I require that all genetic defects have written veterinarian documentation provided to me before a replacement is given. We would never ask any of our customers to return the puppy to us, should it be diagnossed with a genetic/hereditary disorder. We understand that you have fallen in love with your puppy and we will allow you to keep the puppy. To the best of my knowledge, the puppies that leave here are in GOOD HEALTH! Our puppies are also preventatively given dewormer medication at appropriate intervals. We also provide a sample of food, and complete medical and health records.

PRICE/DEPOSITS: All AKC reg. Puppies will come with limited registration. Husky puppy prices can be found by each puppy listed on the Puppies For Sale page. In order to hold a puppy, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required, and the remaining balance (cash or paypal) is due 10 days prior to pick up with Paypal or when you come pick up your puppy with cash. A puppy is considered "not available for sale" once a deposit is received. The deposit fee is applied to the purchase price. All transactions are final and no deposit will be refundable. Puppies must be paid in full prior to leaving our home.

Internal & External parasite control: Don't forget a deworming schedule. Heartworm disease and flea & tick infestations are cause by parasites that are all preventable. We will have properly dewormed the puppy up to departure date. It is the buyer’s responsibility to continued proper deworming and vaccination after receipt.


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